The historic district of Kitano Kobe hides a wonderful secret. Today, this genteel shopping locale hosts many nationalities, and it is where you will find the unexpected SPEAKEASY. Nestled in what used to be a bar, my store showcases an eclectic collection comprising: VIntage deadstock sunglasses/eyeglasses A selection of other men's goods All of these items have been carefully selected and personally curated by me. As a former buyer and stylist in New York, I previously operated an online vintage sunglasses store called M VINTAGE SUNGLASSES COLLECTION since 2008. At the urging of many customers and friends, I decided to expand the range of goods and change the name to SPEAKEASY which is a lifestyle concept store. A word about the name: A speakeasy was an establishment that illegally sold alcoholic beverages during the Prohibition era between the early 1920s and early 1930s. They were so named because of the practice of speaking "easy" or quietly about it or inside it, so as to keep it's location a secret. Today, I am proud to share this wonderful secret with you! Please visit, speak easy, and enjoy my store.